Monitoring and Hunting control actions in Kazakhstan

From April 15 to end of May, ornithologists from the ACBK and North Kazakhstan State University have monitored the spring migration of the geese in the Kostanay region and Northern Kazakhstan and made control raids to check compliance with the ban on spring hunting of waterfowl, which has been introduced since 2017 in Kazakhstan.

he work was carried out in two stages, the first stage included the observation of other waterfowl birds in the Kostanay district. Field activities coincided with the migration time of all geese flying across Kazakhstan, which contributed to successful tracking of numbers, with nearly 180,000 geese recorded during field trials. Of these, nearly 30% of the total are Red-breasted geese with some 50-54,000 birds, which to a great extent shows a good survival of the species during the winter period.

The monitoring work was accompanied by patrolling the territory along with the territorial hunting inspection for the Kostanay region. During the joint inspections and patrols, five protocols for breaching hunting rules were drawn up. The ban on the spring hunting in Kazakhstan introduced in 2017 is one of the most important conservation decisions and will contribute to the preservation and restoration of the species, therefore strict compliance with the ban is key and we will continue to work on the inspections and the coming years.

The work was carried out in the framework of the Life Program “Conservation of the Red-breasted Goose along the Flyway”  LIFE16/NAT/BG000847