Fire raged in the Durankulak Lake

On February 5, a fire broke out in the reeds in Durankulak Lake. After the intervention of the fire brigade the fire was localized and extinguished. Most likely it was arson. According to the management plan of the protected area, the burning of reeds is prohibited. About 15 decares of water-loving vegetation in the area of ​​the Cosmos campsite have been burned. This is not the first case of encroachment on the protected area. Fire raged in the same place again 2 years ago.

No dead or injured birds were found on the spot. It is currently off-season for nesting and there have been no nests to be destroyed and no flying birds to be burnt. The roots of the water-loving vegetation are not affected and in the medium term the damaged areas are expected to be fully restored. The incident will not have a significant impact on the nesting birds in the area.