Redbreasts are approaching their nesting grounds

The Red-breasted geese have started the final stage of their migration to the breeding grounds. On May 27 and 28, four of the birds tagged with transmitters left the territory of Kazakhstan and headed North to their nesting grounds in the Arctic tundra in Russia.

A record-holder has so far been an adult male who flew 1,300 km for a 20-hour continuous flight with an average speed of 65 km / h. Another male has overcome 400 km. for only 6 hours at 75 km / h. The other 6 tagged birds still linger around in the Petropavlovsk region in Northern Kazakhstan, but we expect that in a few days they will also take the route to the North.

The geese were tagged in the framework of the activities of the Project “LIFE for Safe Flight” by a joint team of BSPB, WWT and ACBK, together with local experts from the North Kazakhstan State University and 10 transmitters were fitted  adult Red-breasted Geese in North Kazakhstan, in the period  May 9-18, 2019. Within the framework of the LIFE project, it is planned to mark up to 30 red-breasted geese, which should provide important information on the survival of birds during the migration (spring and autumn) stop-over sites and information on the various threats at the places of concentration and staging. Tagged Red-breasted Goose will significantly help the planned on-ground monitoring activities in autumn and winter by the teams of the national LIFE project partners.

We will continue to actively monitor migration of the Redbreasts and will keep you updated on our website and the Facebook page of the project.