News from the field: Poachers caught killing a Red-breasted Goose in Kostanay region

From 23 to 27 September, a pre-monitoring survey trip took place before starting the monitoring of  key water bodies of the Kostanai region to assess the dynamics of migration and the number of Red-breasted Goose and other waterfowl.

It was noted that the Greater White-fronted Goose and Graylag Goose, which are quarry species, accounted for no more than 20% of the numbers of all other geese and ducks. This suggests that for hunters there is a high risk of accidentally shooting rare species, hunting for which is prohibited. So, on September 26, not far from one of the lakes, hunters were detained for  illegally killing a Red-breasted Goose. Consequently, it is in the interests of game users in such reservoirs to open hunting for geese at a later date, during the period of mass arrival of the white-fronted goose, in order to avoid the facts of poaching. The partner of the LIFE for Safe Flight Project  “Aydam 2012” Ltd managing one of the key sites – Taldykol lake so far has not allowed any hunting activities on its estate due to the high risk for the Red-breasted Goose.

During the assessment of the state of the reservoirs, it was revealed that Lake Batpakkol, one of the key stopping places of the Red-breasted Goose and Greater White-fronted Goose, was completely dry.

In just five days, more than 37, 000 geese were counted, among which the Red-breasted Goose accounted for more than 23,000 individuals. The number of ducks amounted to more than 67,000 individuals, among which the most numerous are Ruddy Shellduck, Mallard, Pintail and Pochard.

The work was carried out within the framework of the European Union project “LIFE for safe flight”.