Pantaley arrived at our Project partners in Kazakhstan

On April 10, Pantaley arrived at the hunting estate area, which is managed by our project partners “Aidam 2012” Ltd. The farm includes one of the most important staging area for the Red-breasted and other migratory geese in Kazakhstan – Kulikol – Taldikol lakes complex. Each year, they shelter over 450,000 geese during the autumn migration and sizable numbers in the spring and around 280,000 ducks of various species.

The two lakes are leased as hunting estates, but subject to a strict regime that ensures a normal staging of migratory birds, and hunting is prohibited around water bodies. As part of the Life Project we envisage resonation of the estate and improved warden control during the peak of the Red-breasted Goose migration.

Last fall our Redbreasts – Peter, Misha, Edward, Emilia and Sergei spent a considerable amount of time in the same area before heading to southern Russia. We now expect to see if Peter – the only one to survive to the spring migration out of the four, will stop again in the spring migration there, or prefer the northern lakes in Kazakhstan. Whatever strategy they choose during their spring migration to the breeding grounds, we hope that they will successfully reach them. We expect more news soon in the coming days from our Kazakhstan colleagues.