“The Flyway of the Red-breasted goose” is visiting Belene


On the occasion of the 19th year since the proclamation of Persina Nature Park as a protected area, the interactive exhibition “The Flyway of the Red-breasted Goose” was opened in the visitor center of the park. The exposition was arranged for the first time in the Danube area and will be open to visitors till […]

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A new goose species was observed in Romania during our monitoring


The annual monitoring of the wintering geese has started on November 23-24 by the BSPB and SOR teams in Bulgaria and Romania. The top observation was from the Braila area, where the SOR/BirdLife Romania team observed and photographed for the first time in Romania a snow goose (Chen caerulescens). The range of this species covers […]

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Participants from 20 countries discussed priority measures for two endangered species


Representatives from over 20 countries and international partner organizations met in Bucharest, Romania during 11-15 November 2019 to attend the 4th Meeting of the AEWA Lesser White-fronted Goose Working Group and 2nd Meeting of the AEWA Red-breasted Goose International Working Group. Both meetings are kindly being hosted by the Romanian Ministry of Environment at their premises […]

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Burgas has hosted our interactive exhibition


After visiting Shabla, the interactive exhibition “The Flyway of the Red-breasted Goose” is now  located at the Flora Exhibition Center in Burgas. From November 12 to 21, the exposition will be opened between 10am and 6pm with free entry and no advance booking for groups.

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We celebrated World Migratory Bird Day


The autumn celebration of World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2019 is taking place on Saturday, 12 October, and an astonishing number of events have been registered around the globe.   “We celebrate World Migratory Bird Day twice a year – in May and October – to follow the seasonal migrations of birds, which peak in those […]

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The Red-brested Geese came to Shabla


Not the real ones but the interactive exhibition “The Flyway of the Red-breasted Goose” was opened at the Green Education Center in Shabla and will remain until October 25. As the Red-breasted Goose is wintering in Shabla and the surrounding area, this part of the country is extremely important for the conservation of the species. […]

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Two of our Redbreasts have already reached Kazakhstan


We named the first Red-breasted Goose that we tagged last spring in Kazakhstan  “Misha” after our young colleague Mikhail Kalashnikov – the field expert, who stayed in the catching hide relentlessly for hour and caught most of the birds we tagged. He would get up early before sunrise and by the time we were up […]

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The Satellite-tagged Redbreasts started their autumn migration


The time for the great travel has come. The Red-breasted Geese have set off for wintering along the Western Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. In the first days of September, “our” geese tagged this spring in Kazakhstan began their return migration, leaving their breeding territories. They headed southwest, and although most of […]

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Red-Breasted Geese are migrating to the museum


After it was first introduced at the Credo Bonum Gallery in July and August, the interactive exhibition “The Flyway of the Red-breasted Goose” is now at the National Museum of Natural History. The exposition is presented in the Leventis Hall on the first floor and can be viewed until September 30, 2019. The exhibition provokes […]

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On August 15-16 2019, a workshop on sustainable harvest and conservation of waterbirds was held in the capital of Kazakhstan. 20 participants from three range-states of the Red-breasted Goose population (Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan) took part at the workshop organized by the ACBK in frames of LIFE for Save Flight project. Among them representatives of […]

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One of our tagged female Redbreasts spotted with gooselings in Taymir


In July the colleagues of the Russian Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group implementing a national monitoring project at Taymir passed over the potential breeding locations of our satellite tagged geese and had some success in revealing the whereabouts of “our” redbreasts. They passed over two of the potential nesting site locations, but as the […]

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Explore the migration of the Red-breasted Goose visiting an interactive exhibition


The interactive exhibition „The flyway of the Red-breasted Goose“  was opened at the Credo Bonum Gallery yesterday and will stay until 14 August. The exhibition shows  us the threats and dangers that the species faces during its migration. It  includes interactive and game elements designed to engage the audience emotionally with the conservation of the […]

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