Exchange of experience for environmentally friendly tourism between Shabla and Madzharovo municipalities


Between 27th and 30th May representatives of Shabla municipality took part in a guided tour organized by the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds. It aimed at presenting the opportunities for development of local economy that alternative tourism gives in small and medium-sized municipalities. The participants met the deputy mayor of Madzharovo municipality Ivan Semerdzhiev […]

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Kazakhstan Experts successfully tagged 5 more Redbreasts


For consecutive year, experts from the University of North Kazakhstan and ASBK conducted a field expedition to capture and tag wild geese during the spring migration in northern Kazakhstan. The North Kazakhstan region is a transit zone for numerous flocks of wild geese that are on their way to their breeding grounds in Arctic Russia. […]

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LIFE for Safe Fly project was part of the Tulip Festival in Kalmykia


The partners of the project “LIFE for Safe Flight” from the management of the reserve “Chernie Zemli” presented the interactive exhibition on the migration of red-breasted geese during the traditional Tulip Festival, which takes place every April in the Republic of Kalmykia (Russia). The Tulip Festival in Kalmykia has been held since 2013. This year […]

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Red-breasted geese Peter and Pantaley are already in Kalmykia


For most of us, spring occurs in the first days of March, and astronomical spring only in the second half of March, but for birds, spring migration and preparation for it begins much earlier. In the last days of February, our tagged geese began their spring migration and are now in the Republic of Kalmykia […]

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20,000 Red-breasted geese counted in the wintering grounds in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania


We conducted the fourth coordinated census of wintering geese for this season in Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria . The highest number of Red-breasted Geese as expected was registered in Romania – 12,300 individuals. Two of the wetlands there harbour the majority of the Red-breasted Geese – the Danube Delta region and the two islands south […]

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An exhibition dedicated to the Red-breasted goose was held in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine


On February 2, on the World Wetlands Day, the National Nature Park “Tuzlivski Lymany” opened a traveling exhibition “The Flyway of the Red-breasted goose”, which was located in the lobby of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.   Iryna Burlachenko, Head of the Recreation and Ecological and Educational Department of the […]

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Kuma-Manych depression becomes a safe haven for waterbirds during spring migration


Since the start of the New Year, by the means of regional hunting regulations in the Republic of Kalmykia and in the Stavropol Territory, the Kumo-Manych depression will be permanently closed for spring hunting of waterfowl effective since 1st January 2021! The Kumo-Manych depression is a key staging area where 100% of the globally threatened […]

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18,000 Red-breasted Geese counted at the second coordinated census


The second coordinated census of wintering geese in Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria took place at the end of December. The data collected show significant similarities with those of the previous monitoring conducted in November. Nearly 18,000 Red-breasted Geese have been identified the most part of them in Romania. The number of Greater White-fronted Geese reaches […]

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Rare geese working group has been established in Kazakhstan


Rare geese working group has been established in Kazakhstan during an online meeting discussing the project of the National Species Action Plan of the Red-breasted Goose and Lesser White-fronted Goose. Main tasks of the working group include: coordinating efforts of organizations and individual specialists in research and conservation of rare geese species in Kazakhstan, and providing […]

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First discussion of the National Action Plan for the Red-breasted Goose in Romania


The first discussion of the National Action Plan for the Red-breasted Goose in Romania took place on 15 December 2020. Due to the epidemiological situation and restrictions related to COVID in the country, the workshop was organized online, hosted by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water, which is associated beneficiary of the LIFE project. […]

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A record number of Red-breasted Geese in Romania in November


Monitoring of the wintering geese took place in Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine at the end of November. Our colleagues visited more than 50 of the most important wetlands for wintering Red-breasted Geese and Greater White-fronted Geese on the western and northern shores of the Black Sea. The results show that a significant part of the […]

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Coastal Dobrudza in all seasons


Guide for alternative tourism around Durankulak lake This guide is for everyone fond of adventures in nature and alternative tourism. We will show you some of the sites for birdwatching, will walk the steps of ancient Bulgarians, will show you some routes for cycling, and sites where you can take unforgettable images. I. Where and […]

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