Lena has re-appeared on our radar


Lena – the last of our red-breasted geese to keep on transmitting has reappeared recently and provided more information on her whereabouts during the winter. The last transmission has been from early December last year and now we have a full story of where she has been. As you might remember in early November 2023 […]

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See the Layman’s Video of our project!


We are pleased to share with you our Layman’s Video of the LIFE for Safe Flight Project. After the successful completion of the “LIFE for Safe Flight” project dedicated to the conservation of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose, today we present to you in video format the achievements during this period and the main threats […]

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The LIFE project focused on the entire flyway of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose has been successfully completed


At the end of May 2023 г., after almost 6 years of coordinated efforts by 11 organisations and institutions from the five key Red-breasted Goose range countries, successfully ended the “Conservation of the Red-breasted Goose along it global flyway”, funded by the EU LIFE Program. The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was leading […]

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We marked the Natura 2000 Day and Biodiversity Day in style


Our LIFE for Safe Flyway project was part of the World Biodiversity Festival, which precedes Biodiversity Day and took place on Natura 2000 Day – 21st May 2023. The project manager, Dr. Nikolai Petkov, presented the main activities of the project’s implementation, as well as its main achievements to date. Over 30 participants from around […]

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Training kit for Sustainable Waterbird Harvest & Conservation


Training kit for Sustainable Waterbird Harvest & Conservation The Training kit was created by Neils Kaintstrup of the University of Aarhus in Denmark – a leading expert on game biology and Dr. Shabolsc Nagy of Wetlands International.   It represents important aspects of the ecology of migratory waterbirds and basic principles of sustainable harvesting of […]

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Rare geese species in Bulgaria in February


February is “month of the geese” in Bulgaria this winter. Among the big flocks of Greater White-fronted Geese in the regions of  Dobrudzha, Burgas and Belene, the globally threatened Red-breasted Geese also appeared. These two species are relatively easy to distinguish in the field, due to their different sizes, plumage, flight behaviour and call. Amongst […]

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Red-breasted Goose is protected by a national plan developed by SOR


The first national action plan for the conservation of the Red-breasted Goose is already a fact.The plan was developed by the Romanian Ornithological Society, and the activity is coordinated by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, a partner in the project.The document was approved by Ministerial Order No. 2480/2022 and published in the State […]

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14,600 Red-breasted Geese in Romania, 800 in Bulgaria


In the mid-February it took place the last for the season international synchronized count of the wintering geese along the Western Black Sea coast. The experts and volunteers of the project Life for Safe Flight visited the most important Red-breasted Goose wetlands in the region in Romania and Bulgaria. As usually in the last few […]

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Champions Of The Flyway 2023 – Saving the Red-breasted Goose on the Asian-Euro Flyway


This year, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) participates with a team in “Champions Of The Flyway” – a competition dedicated to the protection of one of the world’s most threatened goose species – the Red-breasted Goose. Support it by donating funds and sharing the cause to reach more people. Until the […]

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Only 1100 Red-breasted Geese were counted in Romania


During this season’s first monitoring, SOR specialists, together with volunteers, counted 1,107 Red-breasted Geese. This is the lowest number in the last 10 years for the month of November. A possible reason for the low numbers during this period could be the rather high temperatures, which slowed down the migration of the birds. A simultaneous […]

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A winter festival dedicated to the Red-breasted goose was held in Shabla


A new winter festival took place on December 17th  and 18th  on the square in front of the community center in Shabla.It is called “Shabla and the Birds” and is dedicated to the emblematic for the region  Red-breasted Goose.The purpose of the event is to popularize the idea of protecting the birds that flies over […]

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LIFE for Safe Flight project isolated with diverters almost 4km of power-lines


Marking devices (diverters) were fitted on powerlines in the area of ​​the Durankulak Lake SPA. The aim is to make the marked wires more visible to flying geese and other bird species and to reduce collisions and mortality. Bird diverters reduce by 60-80% the cases of collision accidents and are used in the frames of […]

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