We have tagged 9 Red-breasted Geese in Bulgaria

An international team of experts is now on the field in Durankulak where they are tagging Red-breasted Geese. Members of the BSPB, SOR are there and also Bob Swan who is cannon netting expert from Scotland and Joana Klass from Woodland Park Zoo, USA – a partner of our “LIFE for Save Flight”project.

There were 600 Red-Breasted Geese ad almost 1000 White-fronted Geese in the area of Durankulak lake yesterday. Peter, the Red-breasted Goose whose fly we are following, is also here. He is the only tagged goose who reached Bulgaria.

We managed to capture 42 Red-breasted Geese and equipped 9 male of them with satellite transmitters. What follows is to give them names and to start following them on our website.

We are grateful to Ivan Penev, a local farmer who agreed to capture the geese on his land and also to Pavel Simeonov, who proved us support for the capture.

The capture of the geese was carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Environment and Water and a record was made by a representative of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters-Varna.