We held an important seminar against bird crimes in Burgas

On December 10, 2019 a training seminar on the prevention of bird crimes and wildlife organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was held in Burgas. The event is a part of a training program that takes place in different countries along the flyway of the Red-breasted Goose. Its focus is on improving the coordination of local stakeholders and institutions in the fight against poaching and other wildlife crimes.

The seminar was attended by representatives of MOEW, RIEW – Burgas, Regional Forest Directorate – Burgas, customs officers, police officers, journalists, Green Balkans, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, One Nature Association. The seminar was quite vigorous – with many presentations, speeches and discussions. The need for specialized law enforcement training in the field of environmental protection and biodiversity for police officers, prosecutors, customs officers, as well as representatives of other government agencies was clearly stated. The need to create a common database – a platform for bird crime cases – a platform that strengthen the cooperation between institutions and NGOs has come to the fore.

The workshop was organized in the framework of the LIFE for Safe Flight project (LIFE16/NAT/BG000847) which aim is to protect the Red-breasted Goose along its flyway.