LIFE for Safe Flight project isolated with diverters almost 4km of power-lines

Marking devices (diverters) were fitted on powerlines in the area of ​​the Durankulak Lake SPA. The aim is to make the marked wires more visible to flying geese and other bird species and to reduce collisions and mortality.

Bird diverters reduce by 60-80% the cases of collision accidents and are used in the frames of many conservation projects targeting geese, vultures, eagles, pelicans, bustards, etc. In bad weather conditions e.g. rain, fog, or strong winds geese are quite susceptible to collision with powerlines, especially in areas close to the roosting sites or frequently used fields for foraging.

The pilot selected were the two most dangerous powerlines have a total length of over 3.6 km. They were selected on the basis of a special study and report prepared within the framework of the LIFE project, as well as available data on the mortality of Red-breasted Geese due to a collision in wires in the past. We express our gratitude to ENERGO PRO EAD for its cooperation in fitting the diverters, purchased by the Life project for this action.