We marked the Natura 2000 Day and Biodiversity Day in style

Our LIFE for Safe Flyway project was part of the World Biodiversity Festival, which precedes Biodiversity Day and took place on Natura 2000 Day – 21st May 2023. The project manager, Dr. Nikolai Petkov, presented the main activities of the project’s implementation, as well as its main achievements to date.

Over 30 participants from around the Globe took part in the fourth edition of the festival, which takes place entirely live online for 24 hours.
The Festival takes a global audience on a virtual journey to the frontlines of the race to save our planet’s biodiversity. Through the stories and media of scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers, photographers, and policymakers, we’ll shine a spotlight on biodiversity through a fast paced, global exploration.
Over the last 3 years, the Global Biodiversity Festival has broadcast 141 hours of live content, with 310 speakers, representing 80 countries. We’ve been live in the canopy or the Costa Rican rainforest, met the last northern white rhinos in Kenya, watched kiwis undergo health checks, explored Antarctica, and so much more.
In 2023 participants had a life view from sea tutrle beaches, botanical gardens, heard stories about bats and tropical jungles and as far as Glapagos Islands.