Most of the Red-Breasted Geese have not arrived at their wintering site yet

The first coordinated counting of the wintering geese in Ukraine, South-Eastern Romania and Bulgaria for this autumn-winter season was held several days ago. Experts and volunteers together visited various wetland areas in the regions, important for the wild geese protection. Here are the results:

  • The Red-Breasted geese in Bulgaria have been observed in the Svistov-Belene depression and Atanasovsko lake near Burgas. Their numbers are low, only 20 individuals, but this is normal for November. Almost 20 000 Greater White-fronted Geese was spotted near Belene – in the previous years similar or larger numbers were reported for this region. Just days after the counting Greater White-fronted Geese appeared near Poda Protected area in Burgas. Other, rarer species of geese were spotted too – Lesser White-Fronted Goose (near Belene) and Bean Goose (near Durankulak and Pleven district).
© Miroslav Mihov
  • In Romania have been counted 2800 Red-Breasted Geese, which is a significantly smaller number than a year ago, when it was over 13 000. The number of the Greater White-Fronted Geese is more or less similar to that of the previous seasons – there are around 300 000 individuals in the country at the moment.
  • In Ukraine there are 1206 Red-Breasted Geese, the main part of which was counted in the region of their traditional wintering grounds in Herson district. Their number is lesser than the results from the previous years for November.
© Neli Doncheva

It seems that most of the Red-Breasted Geese have not yet reached their wintering grounds along the Western and Northern Black Sea coast. This is supported by the data from the five of the GPS tagged birds. We gather daily information about their location. At the moment of the monitoring all of them were still in one of the important resting places on the migratory route in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

© Neli Doncheva

Monitoring is carried within the LIFE for Safe Flight project and it will continue until March 2022.