Our project manager is a conservation hero

An article on the World Atlas website presents 12 Incredible Conservation Heroes Saving Our Wildlife From Extinction. The selection includes conservationists from all around the world who “are working hard to undo the wrongs already done to the planet by the thoughtless actions of our own species.” One of them is our colleague Nikolai Petkov, who has been working for many years to protect the red-breasted goose.

“Everything about this bird is fascinating. Being a long-distance migrant, it takes astoundingly lengthy flights. Every year it flies around 6,000 km to and fro between the Arctic region and the northwestern shores of the Black Sea. The red-breasted goose is also one of the most splendidly colored species of geese,” said Dr. Nikolai Petkov about the bird he is protecting in Bulgaria.

These birds arrive in Bulgaria from the Russian Arctic for wintering every year. However, their numbers are decreasing due to developmental pressures, changes in land-use patterns, illegal hunting, and climate change.

Dr. Petkov and his team at the  Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) are working hard to mitigate threats to the red-breasted goose (Branta ruficollis) by protecting the wetland habitats, stopping the poaching of the birds, monitoring bird health and populations, and more.”

Currently, Nicky is the manager of the international project “LIFE for Safe Flight” of BSPB and 9 more organizations from Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The project works along the entire migratory flyway of the species and covers the entire population of the red-breasted goose. There are currently 50,000 individuals left in the world.