Poachers have shot through the field car of BSPB in Durankulak

Late in the evening the car of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was shot at, while parked in the yard of Durankulak Field Station. The most probably perpetrators of this vandal act are poachers, who are active in the illegal fishing in the lakes of Shabla and Durankulak. Teams of the BSPB and the Executive Agency on Fisheries are regularly holding raids and control actions over the poaching activities in the both lakes and this seems to have provoked the shooting. During the afternoon of the same day the Goose Conservation and Monitoring Officer of BPBS has prevented the launch of yet another poaching net in the Durankulak lake Natura 2000 site.

The Police is holding an investigations currently.

photo: N.Petkov

All this happens as long as a team of LIFE project BSPB „LIFE for Safe Flight”, together with colleagues from Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust from the UK, make attempts to capture and tag with satellite transmitters of Red-breasted Geese. Poaching in the lakes is one of the main threats to the birds roosting there during the night of this globally threatened species wintering in Bulgaria. Poachers entering the lake to set illegal nets, both cause damage to fish populations, but are also depriving the birds both breeding and wintering there from a safe roosting. Frequent disturbance exhausts geese, increases mortality and reduces the number of Redbreast that could reach safely the breeding grounds.