Red-breasted Goose class for school children in Kalmykia

In Yashkul multidisciplinary gymnasium there has been a special class – hour of ecology for students of 5-8 grade “From the Red Data Book pages – Red-breasted Goose”. The event has been opened by the leader of the club “Natural Herritage” E.A. Samtanova, who told the history of the development of Red Data Book  and specially protected territories of Republic of Kalmykia


Children learned about rare and declining species of plants and animals, about their origin and distribution and reasons for the decline in numbers. Later on the student from 10A grade Barita Erdni-Goryaeva gave a talk on one of these declining species – the Red-breasted Goose – its habitus, ecology and way of life. Very interesting for the school children was listening to sonograms of the voice of Red-breasted Goose and participation in informative quiz “Interesting facts about red-breasted” geese “For the correct answer participants were given a Redbreast (bird silhouette).

At the end of the game, the guys who answered the quiz questions correctly participated in the creation he is a model of a lake. They pasted on the poster silhouettes of birds with a picture of a lake. So the guys created a lake with floating geese. The event ended with an action to create ecological posters “Help the Red-breasted Goose to survive!”, where everyone can draw a bird that needs to be protected. The most active participants of the event received souvenirs from the reserve” Chernie Zemly “.