See the Layman’s Video of our project!

We are pleased to share with you our Layman’s Video of the LIFE for Safe Flight Project. After the successful completion of the “LIFE for Safe Flight” project dedicated to the conservation of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose, today we present to you in video format the achievements during this period and the main threats to the species.

Over the past almost six years, 11 organizations and institutions along the red-breasted goose’s flyway have joined forces in an effort to ensure the species’ safe migration. One of the main threats to the goose is illegal shooting and poaching during the hunting season – especially during the fall and spring migration at the staging grounds. Satellite tracking of the birds and color ringing indicated very high mortality especially during spring migration.

 The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was leading beneficiary of the project and implemented it in close cooperation with the Secretariat of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) and the AEWA Red-breasted Goose International Working Group. Much of the work implemented during this project directly contributs to the objectives and results of the AEWA Red-breasted Goose International Species Action Plan.  You can check on the Layman’s report of the project as well.