Surprise update on Redbreasts’ movements

It is final – all of “Our” Redbreasts have left Gydan and jumped over to Taymyr! Following a prolonged stay on Gydan peninsula, where many of the tagged geese were hanging around what looked like on the areal images a typical breeding habitat for a Redbreast, they all rushed to Taymyr within couple of days.


One by one the Redbreasts joined the first two birds that arrived on Taymyr, which is the major breeding area for the species, but also a moulting territory for many non-breeding.

The pair that we are following with tags flew across Yenisey Bay and landed on the western part of the peninsular.

Two of the tagged male geese, which were still hanging in the more southern part of Gydan peninsula on the 10th June, rushed the next morning and just for almost a day crossed over 400km to reach their current location on western Taymyr.

We shall follow now to see if the tagged birds will occupy a breeding territory or some of them will be non-breeders this summer.