The Red-breasted Geese are most numerous in Burgas area this winter

The highest number of Red-breasted Geese this winter in Bulgaria was observed around the Burgas lakes. This is the results of recent monitoring counts made this weekend. Some 6000 Red-breasted Geese have been observed by the team that monitors the dynamic of the numbers of this globally threatened species on the territory of the lakes near Bourgas town.

“The southern Black Sea coast is a favorite place for the geese wintering in Bulgaria this year. Birds in huge flocks are easily seen while grazin in the fields that surround the lakes, ” says the team implementing the monitoring.



“Today, some 134,000 Greater White-fronted Geese can be seen around Lake Bourgas,” add the experts. This is a significant increase of the number of the most widespread geese wintering in the country, compared with the previous observations made earlier in January.

The participants in the monitoring activities had the pleasure of seeing a Lesser White-fronted Goose that is globally endangered, as well as a Bean Goose – 4 specimens.


Extremely exciting and interesting observation is also made in Lake Bourgas, also known as Lake Vaya. In it some 84 White-headed ducks have been observed feeding – a little more than the numbers a week ago, registered during the annual IWC counting of wintering waterfowl  birds in the country.

At the same time, in the other LIFE Project territories in the country where the numbers of wintering geese are monitored as well, the picture is radically different. Very low are the number of geese – both the Greated White-fronted Goose and Red-breasted Goose observed in the Dobrudzha – Durankulak Lake and the Shabla lake complex, as well as in the Svishtov-Belene plain.