The Redbreasts increased significantly in Coastal Dobrudzha in a week time

From 1 to 1500 have increased the Red-breasted Geese wintering in Coastal Dobrudzha for a period of just one week. This is the information submitted by our field team of BSPB working in NE Bulgaria.


The numbers of the Greater White-fronted Geese has also increased and now the species numbers about 5,000 birds. The reaseon for this quick change over a week is the cold spell that covered the region and the country and resulted in the first snowfall and temperatures bellow zero.

photo Nicky Petkov/Greated White-fronted Goose

This week during the field surveys carried out in the area of “Durankulak Lake” and “Shabla Lake complex” has been registered that the vegetation stage of the winter crops is quite late and this raises concerns over the foraging conditions for the wintering geese in the area.

At the moment the geese are feeding mostly in former maze fields where spilled gain and cobs are the main food. This is one of the reasons that the rotation with maze is playing key role in the regional agro-environmental scheme for the Red-breasted Goose, which has been developed by BSPB based on field experiments and plays a key role to ensure suitable foraging habitat in Coastal Dobrudzah.