Training kit for Sustainable Waterbird Harvest & Conservation

Training kit for Sustainable Waterbird Harvest & Conservation

The Training kit was created by Neils Kaintstrup of the University of Aarhus in Denmark – a leading expert on game biology and Dr. Shabolsc Nagy of Wetlands International.  

It represents important aspects of the ecology of migratory waterbirds and basic principles of sustainable harvesting of waterfowl, which can contribute to the conservation of migratory species such as the Red-breasted Goose, but also quarry species as well.

The kit is intended for free use.

Download the documents:

Trainer’s Manual Sustainable Hunting

1.1 The flyway approach

1.2 Basic principles of sustainable harvest of migratory birds in the flyway context

2.1 Flyway management in practice

2.2 Toolkit for national management

3.1 Key sites and their importance

3.2 Look-alike species

3.3. Disturbance and management options to reduce disturbance

3.4 Poaching and illegal hunting