We marked the WMBD2020 with monitoring activities under way in Kazakhstan

Our LIFE for Safe Flight project partners in Kazakhstan – the ACBK field team celebrated the WMBD 2020 in the field counting the flocks of migrating geese crossing the country on their way to the wintering grounds!

The ACBK implements an extensive monitoring work surveying the wetlands in N and NW Kazkahstan that host literally hundreds of thousands of migratory geese. Twice a year the flyway populations of geese that breed in the Russian Arctic and winter in Europe and East Mediterranean pass through the country. 

Our colleague Alexey Timoshenko leading on the activities on the ground reports directly from the field:

The work has just started and we already have counted over 300,000 geese, with over half of them counted in the Life project site Taldykol, where one of our satellite tagged geese – Peter is right now. The weather conditions are hard and we already have had snow in the field with temperatures falling to -9° C at night. The conservation and hunting control authorities are working hard as well checking for any violations and we also use the opportunity to communicate with the hunters explaining our work and why it is important to be careful to avoid accidental shooting of protected and rare species like Red-breasted Goose and Lesser White-fronted Goose. It seems that there has been good breeding season as we see many young birds and it is most visible for the Lesser and Greater Whitefronts.”

We expect more news and information when Alexey is back from the field.