In memoriam

It is with deep sadness that we inform you that Evgeny Syroechkovsky passed away early morning on January 25, 2022.

Evgeny, or Zhenya, was a loving and beloved father, grandfather, husband, brother and friend, he was a colleague and organizer, a leader of countless expeditions, a fundraiser, a flagship and an inspiration. His energy, skill and acumen turned dreams into reality. He leaves behind not just fond memories of his charm, but a long list of impactful accomplishments in a global struggle for protecting endangered species and work on conservation biology in Russia. His legacy and life’s work will be continued by members of his family, his friends and colleagues.

Evgeny Evgenievich was a graduate of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, Ph.D., Arctic ornithologist and specialist in the field of bird conservation, Advisor on the conservation of Arctic biodiversity to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, head of Russian Society for Study and Protection of Birds. Initiator of long-term research and international efforts to save the Spoonbill Sandpiper that started in 2000. Co-founder and current chairman of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force. Head of expeditions and research programs of RSSPB, studying the Spoony in Russia, one of the initiators and participant of the Spoonbilled Sandpiper research in Southeast Asia and China and international conservation work. He was the discoverer of the key nesting sites of the species in Meynypilgyno, where he organized a long-term monitoring program.

Organizer and participant of more than 30 expeditions to hard-to-reach areas of the Far North and 6 expeditions to Southeast Asia to wintering areas of Arctic waders. Author of over 180 scientific publications.

Zhenya was Chair of the Working Group on Anseriformes of Northern Eurasia – one of our Russian partners on the Life project, who greatly contributed to the achievements in Russia, among them the ban of spring hunting in Kalmykia and adoption of the Strategy for Goose and Waterfowl Management in Russia.

We express our deep condolences to the family and friends of Evgeny Evgenievich!