Sustainable Migratory Waterbird Harvesting and Conservation workshop in Romania

From 9 to 10 June in Bucharest took place the last workshop based on the AEWA Conservation Guidelines No. 5 – Guidelines on Sustainable Harvest of Migratory Waterbirds.

At the workshop our two trainers Neils Kaintstrup of the University of Aarhus in Denmark – a leading expert on game biology, together with his colleague Dr. Shabolsc Nagy of Wetlands International, presented to the Romanian participants important aspects of the ecology of migratory waterbirds and basic principles of sustainable harvesting of waterfowl, which can contribute to the conservation of migratory species such as the Red-breasted Goose, but also quarry species as well.

Some 20 experts from various agencies and organisations – the Ministry of Environment and Water and its regional inspectorates, the National Union of Hunters and regional representatives, the Federation of Hu   nters in Romania as well as nature conservation NGOs – SOR/BirdLife Romania. The workshop took place in the Institute of Biodynamics in the Botanical Garden and was co-hosted by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water. The international trainers presented to the participants, practical information and real-life examples on migration ecologу, management, and sustainable waterbird harvesting practices meant to sustain flyway populations. This was part of the innovative training components of the Life for Safe Flight project.

This seminar focuses mainly on decision-makers and experts in the field of hunting, the legislation related to hunting and nature conservation in Romania as well as to field enforcement officials.

The two-day training is based on a guidelines document that has been developed by the international experts and the presentation will result in a Training Kit that will be produced by the LIFE for Safe Flight Project.